Born in Rome she lives there, until the age of 22 years, that's a very crucial moment of her life because she leaves Italy to settle down in Paris. She will complete her university studies, she will work and have her family in this city where she is still living. Her staying in Paris broadened her horizons and allowed her to satisfy her innate intellectual curiosity in esoteric topics. She had the opportunity to deepen the study of astrology and numerology, but all that was not enough to satisfy her inner quest of absolute. The spiritual search, till confused, pushed her to meet some masters who deeply changed her approach towards the life. ... but the real turn out has happened with the meeting, in October 1981, with the Indian master Sharma yogi during a difficult period of her life after her husband's death. This meeting will upset all her criterias and will give a definitive direction to her existence. The inner spiritual search under the patient and loving guide, even if sometimes pitiless, of Sharma yogi, becomes the main care of her existence, but nobody will be able to notice it because she continues her normal daily life being deeply engaged in her profession. In 1989, she met in India, Sharmayogi's master, Mukti Deo who encouraged her to continue her quest and her spiritual instruction under Sharmayogi's guidance. The sentence of Mukti Deo: "you are on the right way, even if you are not yet mature ", encourages her to keep on.

The path is that one indicated by Parakh Pad of Kabir, according to an uninterrupted line of ancient masters till Mukti and Sharmayogi. After several stays in India and a long period of solitary reflection, 1997 marks the moment of a definitive change: the sudden understanding of the inner nature as pure consciousness. Many meetings with both masters Sharmayogi and Mukti Deo make to emerge a new reality: the actual new spiritual maturity must be shared with the others. And it is in order to obey to this imperative that Geeta has accepted to divide her time between Italy, chosen country from the masters in order to spread Kabir teaching and India where she is carrying out a humanitarian program. The fundamental questions "who am I" which is my true nature " which is my relationship with the world " why my life is an alternation of joy and pain? can find an answer when the consciousness succeeds to express itself as pure existence and without any conditionings. It is a long way, but the answer is in everyone's heart. Kabir has clearly indicated that, beyond any religious and cultural conditionings, the state of the Parakh Pad, as pure awareness, as pure consciousness can be realised by any sincere man. To share her experience, in order to accompany the sincere spiritual seekers in their path Geeta suggests some meetings and workshop because:

"You were born in order to realize your true nature, this is the aim of your physical life. The mental activity is still matter, even if it is a subtler one; beyond it, the pure consciousness as our inner freedom will be revealed. Love is this ability to penetrate the consciousness of another living being: only the relationship from consciousness to consciousness can open our hearts."