Ram Prakash SHARMA was born in 1936 in the north of India. He began his professional life as a teacher in the primary schools, at the same time he studied at university Indian history and Pedagogy and he gets two BMA. He had been in charge of the examinations of yoga at Sagar University and he had been working all his life long as director of schools. A dramatic and decisive change happened in his life, when he met in the forest of Madwas at the age of 31, Sadhu Mukti Deo who initiated him to the Parakh Pad according to Kabir’s teaching.

Married and father of 5 children, he wanted to continue his spiritual life, his job and his family life at the same time. From 1978 till 2007 he had been travelling all over Europe and United States to spread his message of peace and happiness; to realize this mission he gave up to his charge at the university and to any professional promotions.

Retired in his ashram in Khajuraho, he died there suddenly on 16th September 2009. Early in the morning, he was reading and meditating as usual on his preferred book, the Bijak of Kabir, and he said:” I am leaving”,….and it was his last teaching and the end of his physical life.