My dear sisters and brothers, First of all I want to tell you that this spiritual knowledge, is not meant for everybody. You cannot go together with friends or your family, with your husbands or wives.

This spiritual development is individual. Some people are in this path following their partner and don’t have a real quest, some other are following it for the sake of fashion, some for the sake of friendship with a yogi, some come just to see him; so there are different levels of students and spiritual seekers. I feel that you are very exceptional, very special, because you are sitting here in this very quiet atmosphere. I am here to tell you what not many people are telling you. I know that in this world there are many books, many yogis, many gurus and many philosophies and schools, so there is a very big confusion about the spiritual growth.

For me spirituality is peace and searching out your peace.

Where is peace dwelling? Peace is your own true nature. What is your true nature?

Your true nature is the observer, the subject, not the object.

In this body there are the subject and the object, the observer and the object. Outside you know very well: I am not the room, not the car, I am I am. Here in this body, it is difficult to short out the observer and the object. This mixture of object and subject is a very deep rooted confusion; the object has no knowledge, like this room has no knowledge. The earth has no knowledge, even if it is moving. The atoms of earth are moving without knowledge, so in the atoms of the objects, movement is present. People think that there is some power which makes the earth move; so human beings thought that there is a god. Instead of studying the nature of the atoms of the earth, they thought that there is a god causing the movement. The atoms of the earth have this inherent quality of moving and functioning and they have nor beginning nor end. Earth is beginning less and so also, water, fire, air.

Human being thinks that there is a god who created all this.

The great misunderstanding

This is a big confusion, because we believe that there is a big power, so we feel that we are very small: this is very bad; your Soul is not small. Your Soul is perfect, indivisible and there are many souls and they can’t join each other.

Soul means knowledge, principle of knowledge, consciousness.

There are many atoms of knowledge like the atoms of earth; the atoms of air water and fire are many. They have power to mix, but they are never finished; there is no plus nor minus, they are mixing and they are creating many forms. These atoms have their own characteristics, own qualities, power, and shapes. For example, this building is made by the 4 elements air, fire, water, earth, like all the bodies, plus space (10)(that is not an element, it is just void ness, just a blank: when there are two things, there is a place, a fraction between the two and this is the space). People say that god has created the space. This world of matter has its own law, by the movement of this material world, seasons, weather, night and day are created. When we did not know this, we believed that Neptune was the god of rain giving water. Since thousands years (world has no end, no begin) people have been believing that god gives rain; some say Brahman, some say Shiva, or some say kingdom of hell or of heaven, but it is just the human being who creates all these stories. So it is just the law of the matter going on. Atoms of fire, water, earth, air, cannot be created. You put sugar in the water, you feel that it is finished, but when you boil the water a portion of earth and sugar is still there. We have to respect nature and matter.

There are three levels of matter:

- Wood, stones, dry trees, there is no knowledge and no life; atoms are present inside, but principle of knowledge and life are absent,

- then there is a second level: trees and vegetations, the combination of 5 elements gives beautiful colours and forms; life is there, but no knowledge; - third level, when the Soul is in the bodies, like human beings, animals, insects, butterflies, mosquitoes whatever… where the five elements, life and principle of knowledge are present.

We are in this third level: life and knowledge are present, soul is present. Soul that you say “I am”. This “I am” is the atom of Soul- knowledge living in this house of matter.

Many souls are united to the matter: this union is the marriage soul- matter.

Atoms of soul- knowledge are immortal; atoms of fire, air, earth, water are immortal too.